Abroad nurse jobs is the dream for every nurse to make a better living and improve social status of the family. Most nurses and nursing students don’t have any clue about process, procedure to go abroad. Here, we will discuss about requirements for different countries, test to approve and enrolled as Registered Nurse in different countries and language requirements like  IELTS  etc.

Entry into abroad is depend on few things such as educational qualification, language, licensing exams and experience. You don’t need have everything because every countries their selection procedure differs. For example, United States – you need to have educational qualification, language, licensing exam and experience but for gulf countries – educational qualifications and experience is more than enough to enter. 


Abroad Entry or Migration Option for Nurses – Process, Procedure and Tips

Educational Qualifications

Are you ANM, GNM, B.Sc., or M.Sc. of Nursing? The eligibility is depending on country, you choose. If you like to move western countries, you should have minimum bachelor degree or like to enter into gulf countries – ANM, GNM qualification is enough with good experience.

Language Qualifications

Nurses are going to work abroad so it’s natural to be fluent in native language. Most western countries speak English as native language, you need to be good at English language because working conditions – the channel of communications is only English, so you need to get prepare proficient in language. Your proficiency is examined by English test such as IELTS AND TOEFL.

Nursing Licensing Exams

If you are prepared to move United States and Canada, get ready with Nursing Licensing exams because after you pass in these exams, you are eligible to work in these countries.

Nursing Experience

This is the most important one; you need to have for smooth entry into abroad. Depending upon your nursing experience and skills, you pay will be good.

Two Options to Move Abroad

Nurses should have good hospital experience and specialized in specific department in hospital and other options is to do higher studies in abroad and enroll as registered nurse and can work in hospital in the respective country. The first option is good and but take time to go abroad because you need to build experience in hospital. Second option is easy but we need to spend money to do higher education in respective countries. The fees to do higher study like masters or diploma courses are expensive, but after graduation, you are easily eligible to work as nurses in local hospital (abroad). 

Plan To Go Abroad With Experience

This step is painstaking but worthy because expenditure to move abroad is very less than the other route of entry. After studies, nurses need to develop good skills and gain experience in hospital.


For United Kingdom, you need to get license from Nursing and Midwifery Council (NMC) and required level of communication in English (IELTS) and need to pass in CBT and OSCE tests.


Choose Master of Nursing (M.Sc) – Duration: 18 months. Fees: 12000 pounds. After studies, you will be qualified for NMC registration and can work in any local hospitals in UK.



To work in New Zealand, you need to get NCNZ registered and good IELTS score.


Choose ‘Pre-registration Nursing (BN)’ course. This will help to assess to RN licensing and can work for one year work permit and will be extended to two more years. Duration of the course will be two years.


Two options are available – First one is doing studies and eligible to work in Canada. Second one is getting permanent immigration visa approval to work in Canada. Entry into Canada, you need to take licensed exam to qualify as Registered Nurse in respective province of Canada and English test (IELTS).



Good thing about Ireland – there is no test need to be taken to qualify for Registered Nurse. If you have good IELTS score and experience in hospital, you are most eligible to work in Ireland. There will be adaptation programme of 45 – 90 days to qualify for Ireland’s R.N. Registration


Do higher studies (master degree or diploma courses), you are eligible to Ireland’s R.N. Registration and should have IELTS score. After passing adaptation programme, you can start working as nurses elsewhere in Ireland.


Once you decided that you future will be in abroad then get ready with everything according to the requirement of particular country. Prepare for IELTS, Licensing exams and other. You need to plan accordingly so that your journey will be smooth and without trouble.

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