Article : After B.Sc., Nursing, GNM and ANM - career options for nurses in education and hospital sector. 


after bsc, gnm, anm nursing - career option

Hospital Sector

If students are going to pursue their career in hospital sector then you need to be good at clinical skills and clinical experience.  Nursing Students with good skills in clinical experience can have bright future.  After studies, every student will be assigned as staff nurse.  Staff nurse is going to be major factor to functioning of hospital because they provide direct care to one patient or group of patient.

If you need to specialize in particular department of nursing, you should have training in this department. Some of the departments are Critical Care Nursing, cardio thoracic and vascular nursing, oncology nursing, infection control, healthcare management, etc. Most of this specialization will be certificate courses and duration of these courses will be 3 months, 6 months or one year.  After these certification courses, you will employed as specialized nurse in the department of hospital.

After several years of experience, staff nurses will be promoted to higher position like ward sister, nursing superintendent and finally reach top positions in hospital.

Nursing Education Sector

If nursing students have good skills in teaching and can inspire students with commanding speech, then you are the right person for education sector. To be a good teacher, you should be good learner.  They need improve speaking skills and get trained with seminar skills to explain concept of subjects to student’s interest.  Teaching is an art, if you know the art, you can be successful lecturer. When they start career in education, you will assigned as clinical instructor, tutor, senior tutor and lecturer. With few years of experience of teaching, you can be promoted to higher position like associate professor, reader and professor in education sector.  If you need to elect to higher position in education, you need to have higher education in nursing such as M.Sc., and PhD in Nursing.

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All the best for future nurses.


after bsc, gnm, anm nursing, career option

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Author : Arun Kumar Rajamani

Nursing students are enrolled in colleges to take various courses of nursing and enter into field of education and hospital sector. Most nursing students don’t have clued what to do next after B.Sc. and GNM (General Nursing and Midwifery) and there is no preplanning for students after their graduation. Nearly 70 % students are wasted their time and finally realizing their mistakes after graduation.  In this article, we are going to present detailed information about career options for nurses in education and hospital sector.

Education and Hospital Sector

Most nursing students should understand that there are multiple opportunities for nurses after their studies.  They can enter into field of education and hospital sector depend on their interest.  Most times, there is a problem, for example, GNM and ANM (Auxiliary Nurse Midwife) don’t have more options like B.Sc., students.  GNM and ANM students can work as staff nurse but B.Sc., students has two options either to join education or hospital sector.

Find Your Interest and Passion

First two years of college life, students don’t have much idea about their future but third year of college; they may have deep insight about their interest and passion in respective nursing department. If you have specific like oration and commanding skills then you should think about taking career in teaching (education) or you have good clinical skills and good energy to do hard work then you should choose hospital sector.

​​Nursing students may have passion and interest but what is most needed is learning. Learning can make you to reach the top. Without learning, there is no rewarding future for nurses. Most students learn their subjects for exam purpose, when you focus for exam, you may lose essence of learning and acquire knowledge, and finally you may fail in your life.