Nursing is Godly profession in this Universe.

As a professor, I have been around 15 years in this Nursing field. In the beginning, I never understand hardship and sacrifice of nurses; I thought this is common profession like everyone do. Once I start building my career in this nursing field, found that how energetic and dedicated these nurses are.

According to research, nurses stand 4080 hours out of 8760 hours in a year and nurses can travel upwards of 4 miles during an average 12 hours Shift. In a year, nurses walk 1460 miles.

Nurse Walking Distance = ∑ Distance x Frequency


Some people may question us – what is the big deal in standing and walking? Everyone walk and stands but thing is nurses is performing nursing duties during this time.

Nursing Care

Nursing care is just nothing for commoners but if you work in hospital then you understand what it is. There is thousands of nursing care and procedure, nurses mastering clinical procedure and give 100 % percent dedication.

Are We Respect Nurses as Human being? In Reality – No?

As a blogger, running nursing “canestar” website for few years, I found shocking discovery about people mentality about nurses. In a search engine, commonly searched word about nurse in India is “Nurse Sex Video”, volume of search is 49500. Not only that, top 10 searched words about nurses, 60% of words are related to this. When a person is bedridden, nurses taking care of patient as own family member. Nurses who work in Intensive Care Unit, they monitor progress of patient continuously without break. Nurses struggle day and night, monitoring patient progress, they never give up until the patient recover from serious condition.

Indian Nurses are around the World? Why nurses need to move out of country? Few people may say because of money but the truth is money is secondary for them. Primary reason is respect they get from these countries like United Kingdom, United States, Canada, and Australia.

In the beginning, I started with sentence “Nursing is Godly profession in this Universe”, I address to the common people in India and around the world, please treat them like your sisters and brothers. They live and dedicate their life for people, same way, respect nurses in a dignified manner, treat them like human being.

Proud to be Nurse.



Are We Respect Nurses as Human being? In Reality – NO??


DATED :  19 SEPTEMBER, 2018.