JOSEPH LISTER (1827_1912) is the surgeon who introduced the principles of cleanliness which transformed surgical practice in the late 1800s. It means that a surgeon will guard a patient’s safety by using aseptic practice.

                               Aseptic practice or aseptic technique means using practices and procedures to prevent contamination from pathology. It involves applying the strictest  rules to minimize the risk of infection. 

Health care workers use aseptic technique in surgery rooms,  clinics,  outpatient care centers and other health  centers


                             Aseptic literally means "without infection "or "without microorganisms ". Aseptic practice are used to protect the people who work with harmful organisms and to protect other peoples as well as the environment  from exposure. 

What is aseptic technique?  

                       Bacteria are everywhere, and some are good for us while others are harmful. Bacteria , virus and other micro organism that cause disease are called pathogens. To protect patients from harmful bacteria and other pathogens during medical procedures, health care providers use aseptic technique. 



*The purpose of aseptic practice is to reduce the number of harmful microorganisms. 

*surgical asepsis is protection against infection before, during and after surgery by using sterile technique. 



* healthcare professionals commonly use aseptic technique... 

# handling surgery equipments 

# helping with a baby's birth by vaginal delivery 

# performing dialysis 

# inserting a chest tube

# inserting a urinary catheter 

# inserting other draining device 

# performing various  surgical technique



             * Hand hygiene is a priority before any aseptic procedure 

     * when performing a procedure, ensure the patient  understand how to prevent contamination of equipment 

  * choose appropriate precaution to decrease  the transmission of micro organisms from patient to health care worker 

   * health care providers who are ill should avoid intensive procedure 



ASEPTIC PRACTICE – Definition, Uses and Principles in Nursing Practice