1. Explain the organization of counseling services in nursing educational institution
  2. List out the classroom teaching methods. Write in detail about microteaching. Explain the maxims of teaching.
  3. A. mention the barriers of communication. B. explain the methods of overcoming while educating group of patients in medical ward.
  4. A. define counseling. B. how will you organize counseling program for the students in your college?
  5. List various methods of teaching in nursing education. B. explain the methods of demonstration 
  6. Explain the steps in communication process. Explain the different barriers in communication
  7. Define education. What are the  characteristics of learning? Explain the maxims of teaching.
  8. List the various teaching methods used in clinical area. Explain in detail about the case methods
  9. Prepare a lesson plan on importance of exercise for BSC nursing 1st year students
  10. A. define communication b. explain the channels of communication c. list measures to overcome the barriers of communication
  11. A. list the different types of AV aids b. explain about flash card
  12. List the tools used in assessing the skill of students. Prepare a checklist to assess the students performance on hand washing
  13. Bring out the relationship with education and philosophy
  14. List the group methods of teaching. How will you conduct a seminar on AIDS for a group of 2nd year BSC Nursing Students
  15. Define objectives. What are the steps in formulating cognitive domain?
  16. Describe the organization of counseling services in nursing college using directive and non-directive counseling
  17. Define a group. Enumerate the stage and decision making process in group development
  18. Define evaluation. What are the criteria for assessment of tools? Prepare an observational checklist to assess surgical wound dressing
  19. What are the aims of nursing education? Prepare a lesson plan on prevention of dental caries to a group of high school children
  20. Discuss the steps and observations to be made in microteaching
  21. Define communication. List the elements of communication and discuss barriers of communication and methods of overcoming barriers in clinical setting
  22. Define lesson planning. List the purposes of lesson planning, and prepare an outline of a lesson plan for care of a patient with hypertension
  23. Define evaluation. Write the criteria of an assessment tool, and prepare a checklist for assessing demonstration of blood pressure procedure




  1. Components of lesion plan
  2. Describe the phases of demonstration
  3. Philosophy of nursing education
  4. Characteristics of learning
  5. Describe communication process
  6. Briefly describe the three dimensional aids
  7. Explain the criteria for evaluative tool
  8. Nursing rounds
  9. Phases of counseling process
  10. Phases of interpersonal relation
  11. Human relations in nursing
  12. Projected aids
  13. Characteristics of educational objectives
  14. Compute in nursing education
  15. Steps of lesson planning
  16. Uses of audiovisual aids in health education
  17. Reality of evaluative devices
  18. Field trip
  19. Principles of preparing slides
  20. Discussion method
  21. Basic principles in counseling
  22. Programmed instructions
  23. Type of counseling approaches
  24. Mention the types of audiovisual aids. Write briefly on printed aids
  25. Factors to improve good human relations
  26. Scope of guidance and counseling in nursing education
  27. Barriers in interpersonal relations
  28. Factors to improve good human relations
  29. Steps in counseling process
  30. Microteaching
  31. Role of counselor in managing stress situation
  32. Write briefly on clinical conference
  33. Importance of team method in nursing
  34. Characteristics of a good demonstration
  35. Questioning technique in classroom teaching
  36. Psychometric assessment
  37. Basic principles in counseling
  38. Audiovisual aids
  39. Use of computers in nursing
  40. Types of counseling approaches
  41. Importance of team work in nursing
  42. Characteristics of good demonstration
  43. Barriers of communication
  44. Role of group leader in group discussion
  45. Individual conference
  46. Demonstration as a method in clinical teaching
  47. Unit plan
  48. Stages of relationships and techniques to improve interpersonal relationships
  49. Advantages and disadvantages of chalkboard
  50. Testing procedures used in schools
  51. Pragmatism and aims of education
  52. Difference between symposium and panel discussion
  53. Factors influencing aims of education
  54. Crisis management
  55. Explain the steps of demonstration
  56. Explain about Johari window
  57. Steps of group dynamics
  58. Media used to transmit health education to a community
  59. Describe communication process
  60. Maxims of teaching
  61. Phases of counseling process
  62. Write briefly on attitude scales
  63. What are the skills and importance of human relations?
  64. Purposes and types of interpersonal relations
  65. Educational philosophies
  66. Issues of counseling in nursing students and practitioners
  67. Maxims of teaching
  68. Lecture method in teaching
  69. Clinical teaching methods
  70. Graphic aids
  71. Planning for health education in the community
  72. Advantages and disadvantages of using mass media




  1. Interpersonal communication
  2. Purposes of A.V. AIDS
  3. Define health education and health behavior
  4. Mention the  types of Graphic aids
  5. Define education
  6. Elements of communication
  7. Classify Projected aids
  8. Define individual and groups
  9. Domains of objectives
  10. Observation
  11. Three-dimensional aids
  12. Nursing rounds
  13. Mass media communication
  14. Attitude scales
  15. Guidance
  16. Process recording
  17. Phases of microteaching
  18. Anecdotal record
  19. Purposes of evaluation
  20. Case study
  21. Define evaluation
  22. Principles of teaching
  23. List the different types of projected aids
  24. Purpose of interpersonal relationship
  25. Self-instructional module
  26. Symposium
  27. Disadvantages of essay question
  28. Process recording
  29. Nursing rounds
  30. List two specific objectives for a lesson plan on anemia
  31. Simulation
  32. Group dynamics
  33. Explain briefly on any one of the projected aids
  34. Objective structured clinical examination
  35. Purpose of interpersonal relations
  36. Advantages of MCQs
  37. List four counseling techniques
  38. Types of assessment tools
  39. Differentiate between symposium and panel discussion
  40. Benefits of a field trip
  41. Principles of using bulletin board
  42. Validity
  43. Importance of assignment
  44. Elements of communication
  45. Scope of guidance and counseling in nursing education
  46. Group dynamics
  47. Principles of teaching
  48. Differentiate between aims and objectives
  49. List the different types of mass media used in health education
  50. Define objective structured clinical examination (OSCE)
  51. Four purpose of problem-solving approach
  52. Relationship between philosophy and education
  53. Four principles of programmed instructions
  54. Types of puppets
  55. Advantages of simulation
  56. Types of evaluation
  57. Team work in nursing
  58. Uses of flash cards
  59. Phases of demonstration
  60. List down the elements of communication
  61. Social behavior
  62. Characteristics of counseling
  63. Idealism
  64. Three main domains of an objective
  65. Guidelines for preparing power point slides
  66. Essentials of lecture method
  67. Benefits of computer-aided learning and teaching
  68. Advantages of audiovisual aids
  69. Checklist
  70. Channels of communication
  71. Johari window
  72. List steps in group decision making
  73. Characteristics of counseling
  74. Importance of guidance and counseling in nursing
  75. Aims of education
  76. Qualities of educational objectives
  77. Levels in cognitive domain of educational objectives
  78. Guidelines for preparation of overhead projector transparencies
  79. Microteaching 

BSC SECOND YEAR NURSING (CET) Communication and Educational Technology Important Questions

Nursing Notes for BSC, MSC, GNM and P.C. BSC Nursing
CET, Communication and Educational Technology Questions