Comfort Devices Used for Patient in Hospital.

​​​Definition :

Comfort devices are the articles which would add to the comfort of the patient when used, by relieving discomfort and helping to maintain correct posture.

Purpose :

1. To relieve discomfort.

2. To immobilize body part.

3. To relieve pressure on parts of body.

4. To prevent falls and accidents.


Water Bags :

A bag of leather, canvas or other materials are made which are used for giving hot application.


Purpose :

1. To relieve pain.

2. To promote healing.

3. To give warmth to body.

4. To reduce inflammation.

​​Foot End Elevator :

A platform or an enclosure raised and lowered in a vertical shaft to transport people.


Purpose :

1. The foot elevator provides elevated support for feet and ankles.

2. It is ideal for post-operative and rehabilitation.


Air Cushion :

They are round in shape and made up of rubber. These can be inflated with air. These are used to take off the weight of body. Air cushions should not be applied directly in contact with skin. They should have a cover.


Purpose :

1. To relieve pressure on certain part of body.

2. To promote comfort of client.


Back Rest :

It is a mechanical device which provide a suitable support and rest for the back of patient in sitting position.


Purpose :

1. To support back.

2. To facilitate easy breathing.

3. It is given especially for heart patients and asthma patients even in post operative period.


Sand Bags :

These are canvas rubber or plastic bags filled with sand. These are used to immobilize a part.


Purpose :

1. To relieve discomfort.

2. It is used to support body part.

3. Used to immobilize the body part.

4. Used to support fracture bone.

5. To prevent foot or wrist drop.

Air Mattress :

These are used for very thin and obese patients and those who are prone to get pressure sores. It helps in equal distribution of the pressure exerted on the body.


Purpose :

1. To improve circulation.

2. To provide comfort.

3. To prevent pressure sores.

4. Used in very thin or very obese patients and chronic bed ridden patients.


Hand Rolls :

Hand rolls are made up of cloth that rolled into a cylinder about 4 to 5 inches long and 2 to 3 inches in diameter and stiffed firmly.


Purpose :

To keep the fingers free being held in a tight fist.


Foot Rests :

These are mechanical devices used to give rest to feet. Sand bag or foot board may be used.


Purpose :

1. To maintain the normal position of feet.

2. To promote comfort.

3. To prevent foot drop.


Extra Pillows :

Pillows :

Pillows are used to give comfortable position to the patient. These are mostly used to support various body parts.


Purpose :

1. To maintain proper body alignment.

2. To support body parts in good alignment.

3. Help to reduce pressure.

4. It can be folded, rolled or tucked firmly against the body to maintain position.

5. It is used to support head, neck arms, legs and parts of the back.


Bed Cradle :

These are vary widely in size and in material. These are of wooden, metal or electronic. The bed cradle supports and take off the weight of top bedding. These are semicircular in shape made of wood and metal.


Purpose :

1. To prevent the top cloth if coming in contact with the patients especially burn patients.

2. To apply head in case of drying plaster casts.

3. Electronic bed cradles are used to supply the desired warm in case of shock.


Cotton Rings :

Cotton are wrapped with bandage. These are placed under bony prominence such as heels and fastened in place if necessary.


Purpose :

1. To lift the hip from bed to prevent bed sores.

2. To prevent direct pressure on bony prominence.

3. To improve circulation.

4. After hemorrhoidectomy.


Cardiac Table :

It is a device designed as an over bed table and is placed in front of the patient while they are in fowler’s position.


Purpose :

1. Used by cardiac patient’s who can lean forward with a pillow.

2. This can be used for writing purpose.

3. For serving food and other self care activities.


Trochanter Rolls :

This device used to prevent the external rotation of the legs when the client is in supine position.


Purpose :

1. To make a trochanter, a cotton ball’s blanket is folded length wise to a width that will entrance from the trochanter of the femure to the lower boarder of the poplited space. 

comfort devices in hospital - examples