Nurses are doing hard work and they deserve good salary but salary scale for nurses in India is very poor so they have only options to make good money is to go abroad for jobs. Few nurses have good contact about abroad jobs and recruiting agents, they are almost safe to reach abroad for good jobs but other nurses without good knowledge about recruiting agents and became victim for fraud recruiting agents. We need to more aware about recruiting agents and knowledge of selecting best recruiting agents and processing abroad jobs should be good.

Here, we have summarize few things to be noticed for nurses who wish to go for abroad job.

Study About Recruiting Agents

Most nurses don’t have clue about abroad recruiting agents, they look ad in newspaper, social networking sites, got information from friends or coworkers but no one really visit the office of recruiting agents and ask agents to give few nurses number who went abroad under them. You need to raise so many questions to them, never hesitate to ask questions because you are in position to ask questions. If you don’t ask questions and clarify the doubts, you will be first victim to lose your hard earned money.

Is Recruiting Agents are registered under Ministry of External Affairs.

In India, we have department called Ministry of External Affairs, they deal with recruiting agents and full database of recruiting agency, go to the site and find information about your recruiting agents.

You know how much processing fee should be collected

Ministry of External Affairs have regulated rules and regulations for recruiting agents and processing fee for sending candidates for abroad. Under government, agents should collect around Rs. 20,000 for processing your jobs and visa but most nurses never knew this information, they spend lakhs of rupees to process your application.

Read Your appointment Letter carefully and Visa Information

Most people neglect to read to complete information about job profile, contract period and never cross check with Ministry of External affairs. You should read appointment letter carefully and understand the conditions given in the letter and consult with few old people who visited abroad for jobs because they know each and every information about the conditions and give you good direction about positive outcomes and negative outcomes of contract.

Fake Hospital website, Fake Appointment Letter etc.

Fraud recruiting agents claim them to be authority for selecting nurses for jobs for hospitals in abroad. They make fake hospital website which resemble like original website. They even make fake appointment letter resemble like letter they given by hospital HR (Human Resource). They claim that you don’t need to pay anything for air ticket, accommodation is everything is free but you need to pay money for processing. They never seen you before, no interview and just you send them resume to their email id, without any interview they give you appointment letter. These type of fraud cases happening everywhere in India, even people from abroad doing this kind of fraud activity.

Do Ground Work Before 6 Months.

If you prepare to abroad for jobs, do some ground work before 6 months, understand the process and regulation for going abroad for different countries. Most nurses rely on recruiting agents and friends, that’s big mistake. You should take moral responsibilities for your decision, if you do than you can be free in decision making about plans.

Know about Nursing Position offered and Salary Structure (Minimum Salary) in Different Countries.

We need to basic information about nursing position offered and salary structure in different countries because each countries nursing positions will differ and also salary structure. If you know that no recruiting agency can cheat the candidate.

United Arab Emirates

For Practical Nurse (diploma)

1. Job Designation on Visa - Assistant Nurse, Blood Transfusion Nurse, Nurse, Nurse Female, Nurse General, Nurse Male, Obstetrics and Gynecology Nurse, Practical Nurse (diploma), Veterinary Nurse

2. Minimum Wage - 2200 AED.

For Registered Nurse (B.Sc., Degree)

1. Job Designation on Visa - First Air Nurse (Emergency), Nurse, Nurse Female, Nurse General, Nurse Male, Registered Nurse (B.Sc., Degree)

2. Minimum Wage - 3000 AED.



Minimum Wage for Nurse on Visa - 570 JOD



1. Job designation on Visa - Assistant Nurse - 150 KWD (Minimum Wage)

2. Job designation on Visa - Assistant Nurse (Certificate Course) - 150 KWD (Minimum Wage)



1. Job designation on Visa - contract - 250 OMR (Minimum Wage)

2. Job designation on Visa - Nurse - 250 OMR (Minimum Wage)



1. Job designation on Visa - Nurse - 3640 QAR

2. Job designation on Visa - Nurse (, Degree) - 3640 QAR

3. Job designation on Visa - Midwife - 2340 QAR.



1. Job designation on Visa - Female Nurse, Male Nurse, Nurse - 2100 SAR


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Unregistered  Agencies

Unregistered Agencies


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