Author : Arun Kumar Rajamani

Three Factors to be Noticed to Decide College

After choosing University, next job is to find better college. Colleges are both government aided and self finance; if you taken entrance examination then you can join in government aided colleges otherwise you can join in self finance colleges. When you look up college, few things need to consider such as infrastructure, teaching and practical knowledge. Infrastructure means building, lab facilities and library. Teaching is another factor need to consider such as lecturer and professor is how experienced they are. Finally, practical knowledge is very important for nurses because they need to expose to different procedures and techniques to work in hospital. Most college provides clinical postings in government and private hospital to get exposed to knowledge of medical procedure and techniques.

When these three factors are found in college, then you take up nursing course. If these factors fail in a college, then you are in big trouble pursuing nursing course and became disaster of your life.

I hope you able to understand about system of medical science like nursing, if you have queries, feel free to contact me. Best wishes to all who aspires to became nurses.

 How to Select Best Nursing College ? Answer is Here !!!

After School, everyone is aspiring to do higher education in specific domain like medical, engineering, computer science and many more. Few people are interested to do education in medical sciences majorly nursing. Nursing is the most respectable profession around the world. For example, Canada considers nursing as top profession with special preference. Most people think about going to Canada by doing nursing course.

Nursing Course

Nursing is come under medical profession and various courses are available for students. For instance, there is Bachelor degree in nursing which is four year course and diploma course is also available like GNM (General Nursing and Midwifery) are three year course. Both Bachelor and GNM are consider same but with few differences. Bachelor degree is mostly higher specialization than GNM and GNM are considering as basic nursing course. If an individual consider doing higher in nursing science then they need to prefer Bachelor degree. GNM is also chance for higher studies but they need to do Post B.Sc., after GNM and then Masters in Nursing. Both GNM and B.Sc., has same job role with little differences.

Selecting College and University

In India, every state has separate medical or health Science University which offer nursing course. Firstly, person needs to select the University and College. Every University has same Curriculum with minor changes. Most curriculums are based on Indian Nursing Council and State Nursing Council, some University completely follows the nursing council curriculum but other follow everything with little change in syllabus.  To know about medical University, person need to consult with lecturer and professors who works there and students to know the feedback of the university.


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