International work for Nurses and Midwifery in WHO  (World Health Organization)

 Internship and Scholarship for nurses all over the world in WHO

What kind of work will be assigned for nurses or midwife in internship or scholar programme?

 The areas of work for nurses or midwife are

Nursing and Midwifery advocacy and policy tools

    Nursing and midwifery faculty development

    Contributions of nursing and midwifery services in health systems strengthening

    Integrated planning of human resources for health

    Primary Health Care

    Nursing and midwifery leadership

    Partnerships Models

More Details and How to apply for internship?

  We have given link for appropriate region to know information and procedure for applying internships.

     For African nationals -

     For Malaysia -

     For Japan -

     For France -

     For United States of America -

WHO internships at Headquarters -

For Americas -

For Europe - CLICK HERE

For Eastern Mediterranean -

For South East Asia -

For Western Pacific -


To Know current Vacancies in WHO -

To Apply for Vacancies in WHO -


  Human Resources Management (HRD)
  World Health Organization
  Avenue Appia 20
  CH - 1211 Geneva 27

 AUTHOR : ArunKumar Rajamani

Are you nurse or midwifery? Are you like to do international work across the globe? Are you interested in learning health policy, education, research and practice? This is the chance to make full of this opportunity to work on international level for nurses and midwifery in WHO.


WHO is world health organization which began when constitution came into force on 7th April, 1948, that day is celebrated as World Health Day. WHO is international organization which works on to build better and healthier future for people all over the world. WHO has its office in more than 150 countries and WHO staff works with government and other agencies to help to achieve good health for all people. It’s headquarters located in Geneva, Switzerland with six regional offices around the world.

What is the advantage of working in WHO?

If you have working experience in WHO will have added advantage of career improvement in your nursing work and can reach new heights in Healthcare sector. You may position in higher rank in Government as well as international organization.  You will be assign challenging task like dealing with communicable diseases, child and adolescent health, Ebola, Emergencies, health systems, mental health, tropical diseases etc.

Internship Program in WHO

Internship program in WHO will help nurses and midwifery to build them into future leaders in public health. This internship program will help nursing students or nurses to gain insight in the technical and administrative programmes of WHO.

What is the duration for internship?

The duration of internship will be between six weeks to twenty four weeks. WHO internships are not paid and all costs of travel and accommodation are the responsibility of the intern candidate.

What is the eligibility?

You should be at least 20 Years of age on the date of application.
You should enroll in a course of study in University or equivalent institution leading to formal education (Graduate or Post Graduate). Applicants who already completed may also apply for internship but they need to start internship program within six months after completion of their formal qualification).
You should possess first degree in a public health, medical or social field related to the technical work of WHO.
You shouldn’t be related to a WHO staff member (e.g. son/daughter, brother/sister, mother/father)
You haven’t previously participated in WHO Internship Programme.

What will be learned in internship for nurses?

Intern will get an opportunity to learn more about World Health Organization as well as role of Nurses and Midwifery at the WHO.

Nurses or Midwife Scholar Programme

This scholarship programme is for outstanding nurses and midwife to actively participate in development of health policy and nursing and midwifery services at the global level. Duration of this programme will be for three months. Senior leaders in education, practice, research and policy are eligible for this scholar programme.

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