Management of Nursing Services and Education Important Question, BSC Nursing Fourth Year, INC Syllabus and RGUHS 

Management of Nursing Services and Education Important Question, BSC Nursing Fourth Year, INC Syllabus



Define budget. Enumerate the types and advantages of budget
Define supervision. Explain the principles and techniques of supervision
Discuss nursing as a profession. Explain the characteristics of a professional nurse
Define management. State the principles of management. Explain the role of nurse as a manager in Intensive Care Units
Explain in detail the role of human resource manager in recruiting, selecting and retaining the staff nurses of a Multi Specialty Hospital
Which are the regulatory bodies for the college of nursing. Explain the physical and clinical facilities for the college of nursing
Define supervision. What are the objectives of supervision. List the principles of supervision
Define personnel management. List the objectives of personnel management. Explain in detail the recruitment process
 Define staff development. Explain the need for staff development. Describe the staff development programs
 Discuss the points to be kept in mind by nurses regarding legal issues arises in nursing practice
 Discuss the nursing as a profession by using standard criteria of a profession
 Explain the importance and responsibilities of nursing in maintaining recording and reporting
 Define quality assurance. Discuss methods adopted to maintain quality in a hospital.
 Discuss the tools and technique used in supervision
 Explain theories of management



Performance appraisal
Continuing education
Guidance and counseling
Malpractice and negligence in nursing practice
Equipment and supplies
Principles of audit
Current trends and issues in nursing
Principles of management
Patient classification system
 What are the legal aspects in nursing
 Describe communication process
 Explain bench making
 Describe the role of nursing service department in emergency and disaster management
 Explain the components of staff development programme
 Role of ward manager in orienting the newly recruited staff to NICU
 Explain the principles of adult learning
 Write a note on collective bargaining
 Explain the job description of principal of nursing educational institution
  Explain disaster management
 Enumerate the techniques of communication
 Describe the consumer protection act
 Explain about performance appraisal
 Explain about INC code of ethics
 Describe about nursing audit
 Enumerate the job description of female health assistant
 Explain principles of budgeting
 Describe leadership styles
 State philosophy and objectives of B.SC nursing course
 State the principles of adult learning
 Describe the elements of material management with references to nursing
 Explain the role of nurse manager in emergency and disaster
 Describe public relations in the context in nursing
 Explain the total quality management in nursing
 List the objectives of staffing in nursing department
 State the principles of supervision in nursing
 Explain the importance of theories in management
 Role of nurse manager in maintenance of supplies and equipments in wards
 Current trends and issues in nursing
 Emergency and disaster management
 Philosophy and norms of staffing
 Concepts principles and types of budget
 Staff development
 Performance appraisal
 Guidance and counseling
 Leadership styles



Leadership styles
Essentials of good control
Human relation
Tools for evaluating nursing standards
Delegation of responsibility
Records and reports
Professional organizations
 Problems in health administration
 Define delegation and control
 List the objectives of planning
 Differentiate between guidance and counseling
 List the records maintained in the hospital
 Define accreditation
 State the characters of professional nurse
 What are the different types of patient care assignment
 What is curriculum planning
 List nursing organizations for the professional membership
 List the leadership styles
 Define skill training
 Define halo effect
 What is graphic rating scale
 Define accreditation
 What is  cost benefit analysis
 Define motivation
 Define bureaucracy
 List the criteria of a good report
 What is collecting bargaining
 What is malpractice
 Inter personal relationship
 Leadership styles
 Staff development
 Collective bargaining
 Indian Nursing Council
 Nursing rounds
 Records in a school of nursing
 Consumer protection act
 INC code of ethics
 Characteristics of a professional nurse
 Cost benefit analysis