North India (Nursing Lecturer Salaries) (Private and Government Colleges) – (Monthly) (INR)

Tutor or Lecturer (Fresher) – 14,000

Lecturer with one year experience – 15,000

Nursing Lecturer after M.Sc. Nursing (fresher) – 18,000

Professor – 26,000

HOD (Head of the Department) – 28,000

Vice Principal – 30,000

Principal – Above 40,000

For Principal, salary will be different according to their experience. For example, Principal with good experience can earn around 50,000 to 60,000 per month.

Some college institutions recruit part time Nursing lecturers; they can get paid on hourly basis.


Nursing Lecturer Salary in Tamil Nadu (Monthly) (INR)

Basic Salary for B.Sc. Nursing – 8000

Basic Salary for M.Sc. Nursing – 16500

In Tamil Nadu, lecturer gets 8 % increment every year.

Private nursing colleges don’t pay according to UGC scale for lecturers (exception government nursing colleges).

Nursing Lecturer Salary in Kerala (Monthly) (INR)

Lecturer (B.Sc.) – 8000

Lecturer (B.Sc. with two year experience) – 12000 to 15000

Lecturer (M.Sc. fresher) – 12000 to 15000


These positions are same for both private and government nursing colleges but salary will be little more for government lecturers than private colleges lecturers.

Nursing Lecturer Salary in Karnataka (Bangalore) (Private and Government Colleges) – (Monthly) (INR)

Lecturer or Tutor (Fresher) – 8500

Lecturer with One Year Experience – 10,000

Nursing Lecturer after M.Sc. Nursing (fresher) – 14,000

Assistant Professor – 16,000

Professor – 18,000     

HOD (Head of the Department) – 20,000

Vice Principal – 25,000

Principal – 30,000


Nurse’s Lecturer Salary in colleges or institution in different states in India

Nurse's lecturer salary, government and private

Nursing Lecturer has hard time to work in colleges or institution in India. Yes, tutors don’t get good remuneration and pay scale is very low compare to other countries. Salary structures for lecturers are varied according to their experiences and which Indian states are they working.

If you work in northern states of India, lecturer’s pay scale is good compare to southern states of India. There are list of position are available in nursing colleges and each have different salary based on experiences. 

List of positions in Nursing Colleges


Lecturer (Fresher)

Assistant Professor


Head of the Department (HOD)

Vice Principal