India: Average between Rs.18000 to 35000

Government Nurse:  Average between Rs. 14000 to 35000

Private Nurse:
Average between Rs. 10000 to 45000.

India has produced large nurse work force and most countries has more number of Indian nurses in health care around the world. Presently, situation is changing because of several reasons, namely enroll of nursing students is very less for the past 10 years and more number of nurses from Nepal and Philippines  give tough challenge to grab the nurses jobs around the world. For example, most gulf countries recruit Philippine nurses that make difficult for Indian nurses.

 In India, the wages are very poor compare to international standard, nurses get mediocre salary and it’s very difficult to survive and take care of their family. Most nurses from India, studied nursing courses by educational loan, they have difficulty to pay loan because of low wages. To clear loans and make good money to support their families, nurses take another loan to move to abroad. They need to spend minimum 3 to 5 years of life in abroad to clear the loans and after that they make little savings for their future. Some nurses falls victim to fraud agents and recruiters, thus their life became total miserable.

Social Status:

Nurses play important role in health care sector but their social status isn’t that much good both in profession and social life. Recognition of nurses for their service is below par especially from common people. Their service need to be respected and given special status.


Nepal: Average 10000 to 30000nrs.

Government Hospital: 20000nrs

Private Hospital:
12000 to 35000

In Nepal, there is a shortage of nurse’s vacancy because of different reasons. Firstly, there is inadequate government and private hospitals so most nurses prefer to work in India to gain experience to move abroad mainly western countries. Nurses work in either government hospitals or private hospitals, this depends on person background. If a nurse comes from wealthy background and political influence, they have more chance to work in government hospitals but other need to work in private hospital with minimum wages. Some nurses are working in Non Government organization, just to gain experience and exposure and their conditions are very poor. Most nurses prefer to go abroad by marrying person who work or study in abroad. Most person look for nurses to marry for various reasons, firstly they get chance to entry into the country and citizenship of particular country. Most cases are mutual agreement such as person will provide assistance for her to move abroad, in return he get opportunity to entry into country with her influence.

Big Challenges:

Nurses who graduate from India face big trouble from Nepal government. Most often they have difficulty to enroll as registered nurse in Nepal and they need to take exam to be practice as nurse.



Nurse’s Salary and Social Status in India and Nepal.

nurse salary in india and nepal