Bangalore Nurses

Freshers earn very less salary in Bangalore and about Rs. 12,000 with registration. Most Staff Nurse take home Rs. 9000 after deduction from ESI and PF. Experienced Staff Nurses with two years experience can earn around Rs. 25,000 per month. This is the same case for staff nurse who work in Chennai, Hyderabad and Kochi and marginal difference Rs. 3000 to 4000 in salary according to place of work. Nurses who work in small hospital is very worst than nurses work in MNC. Other than poor salary, nurses need to undergo work exploitation and harassment.


Staff Nurses from Mumbai, Delhi and Kolkata.

Staff Nurses can earn good salary when they work in Metropolitan Cities like Mumbai, Delhi and Kolkata. For freshers, pay scale will be around Rs. 15,000 to 20,000 but most nurses faces problem of registration in particular state. If nurses don’t register in particular state where they work, their salary will very least and around Rs. 10,000.


Nurses salary will depend on two things based on qualification and experience. Some hospitals prefer experience and other prefer qualifications, but the end result are almost same. Most nurses work for less salary just to gain experience.

Staff Nurse Difficulties in Private Hospitals.

1. Low Salary.

2. No Respect.

3. Some hospital give training for nurses without for over a year.

4. Students who studied ANM face difficulties such as no salary even after training.

5. Work exploitation.

6. Harassment.


Private Duty for Nurses.

Most men nurses prefer to do private duty because compare to hospital pay scale, the salary is very good in private duty. For private duty, the nurses can earn around Rs. 1000 per day for 24 hours.

Need Change for Nurses.

Nurses are important work force in Hospitals but their condition is very poor. Nursing Council of India need to regulate law and make change to improve the conditions of nurses.

nurse salary in India (government and private)

Nurse Salary in India (Government and Private Hospitals) - Are Indian Nurses Happy ???

​​List of Government Institutions and Nurse Salary


Railway Nurses - Rs. 34,800 with Allowance.




1. Sister Grade II - Rs. 9300 - 34,800 + 4600

2. Sister Grade I - Rs. 9300 - 34,800 + 4800

3. Psychiatric Nurses (Only for JIPMER) - Rs. 9300 - 34,800 + 4800

4. Assistant Nursing Superintendent - Rs. 15,600 - 39,100 + 5400

5. Sister Tutor (Only for JIPMER) - Rs. 15,600 - 39,100 + 5400

6. Deputy Nursing Superintendent - Rs. 15,600 - 39,100 + 5400

7. Nursing Superintendent - Rs. 15,600 - 39,100 + 6600

8. Chief Nursing Officer - Rs. 15,600 - 39,100 + 7600


Nurses working in AIIMS, PGIMER AND JIPMER has other benefits such as loan, increment, PF, ESI, Living allowance and pension etc. Pay Commission of India will revise the Pay Scale for every ten year and nurse salary will be doubled.


Kerala Public Service Commission (KPSC)

Nurses works in Government Institution and Hospital in Kerala earn about Rs. 27,000 - 59,400.


Staff Nurse Salary - Rs. 34,000 + 4300.

Like other government institutions and hospitals, Nurses working in ESIC will get same benefits like PF, ESI, PENSION etc.




Staff Nurse Salary - Rs. 15,000 + Grade Pay - 5400 + Military Service Pay - 4200 + DA and allowance.

This is the basic pay for nurses who begin as rank of Lieutenant in Military Nursing Service, after years of experience, nurses pay scale will be higher based on their rank in the army.


Nurses Salary in Private Hospitals

Most nurses are struggling to survive in private hospitals, as their salary is very low compare to salary given in State and Central government. Nurses salary will be different according to place of work and hospitals. For example, if nurse work in urban areas, their salary is good compare to the nurse work in rural areas. Most nurses from South India like to migrate to North India because of good salary given there. Nurses works in Mumbai, Delhi, Kolkata earn more salary when compare to Chennai, Bangalore, Kochi, Hyderabad.

Nurses are the largest work force in Health Care Sector in India but their salary are not equivalent to other professionals. Are nurses able to fulfill the basic need with their salary ? Nurses pay scale is moderate or less compare to other medical professionals. Nursing Council of India need to do something for better living conditions for nurses.


Nurses Salary in State Government and Central Government

 Nurses working in state government and central government of India is far better standard of living compare to nurses working in private hospitals. Nurse can earn average basic pay of about Rs. 30,000 per month.

Advantage for Nurses in Government Institutions

1. Good Basic Pay.

2. Every Year Increment in Salary.

3. Benefits are more such as loan, PF, ESI etc.

4. Basic Allowances.

5. More Powerful than nurse working in private hospital.

6. Standard of Living is far better than nurses in private hospital.

7. Pension

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Government of Kerala implemented new salary structure for nurses who work in private hospitals in Kerala. According to government circular, nurses can get minimum salary or basic salary - Rs. 20,000 per month (private hospitals with less than 50 beds). This happen due to the initiative and strike by the nurses association and this kind of salary structure should be implemented to all over the India.