Author : Arun Kumar Rajamani

Students has big ambition to do specialized course like B.Sc., GNM, P.C. B.Sc., and M.Sc., in Nursing but some achieve their goals but few fails. Some nursing students feel that they do big mistake in their life to come to Bangalore because what they dreamed is different from reality. They had dream of becoming successful nurse and like to expose to cutting edge medical practice but most colleges never keep this standard. As a result, students disappeared from global competition and struggle to be nurse.

Bangalore is the city of hope for millions of people with dreams to pursue studies and career in nursing. Apart from little percentage of nursing colleges, the remaining colleges don’t follow rules and regulation of University as the result they are mediocre in medical practice exposure and become unfit to start career in standard hospitals and institution around the world.

Nursing College under Rajiv Gandhi University of Health Science (RGUHS), Bangalore

Nursing profession is very important in health science because they are engine for medical and health care industry. More people may work in hospitals but only nurses can drive hospital to good care and service and make patients relieve from medical ailments. Nurses play major role and keep health care industry to run in good condition.  In nursing colleges, they don’t follow proper protocol given in University guidelines such as experienced faculty, advanced medical or nursing laboratory, practical exposure to current trend in medicine and career advice. These are essential thing needed for nurses to proclaim them as best nurses around the world.

No proper class room, medical equipment, library, experienced faculty, practical exposure and training.

College library is the place where students learn and excel but most colleges don’t proper library facilities. They don’t buy new book with latest edition and they keep specimen copy given by medical publishers. A report says that nearly 1000 copies of book need to buy each year. In reality, students are reading old edition books which is five years or ten years books.  Students need to learn and update recent innovation and research in medical field without having proper library facilities how they achieve it.

When nurses lack these skills, they are underrated and struggle to sustain in global competition. Global competition is huge and most nurses like to move abroad to start better career in their field. How they going to achieve and how they keep up competition with other nurses around the world.

Nursing Colleges – No proper class room, medical equipment, library, experienced faculty, practical exposure and training. Without this infrastructure, more nursing colleges are run under University.  One sincere advice to management who run nursing colleges, don’t play with life of nurses and nursing students. Nurses aren’t money making machines.

There should be system to regulate the functioning of colleges in good spirit. University need to work out this problem and make skillful nurses to challenge the global competition.




Article : Nurses and Nursing Students future from RGUHS, Bangalore, India.   – A Detailed Shocking Report.