Nursing Licensing Exams are important for nurses, journey to achieve greater heights and to be recognized as international nurses all over the world. Nursing licensing exams will determine ability of the nurses to work in international level and to work in different countries as registered nurse, this exams is primarily important.


Why we need to write Nursing Licensing Exams?


To be registered nurses in particular country like United Arab Emirates, Saudi Arabia, Qatar, Dubai, Canada and USA, licensing exams is required. This exams will hold key to determine level of nursing skills and able to work in different pressure related situations.


We need to write separate nursing licensing test for different countries?


Yes. You need to write separate nursing test for different countries. Each country has own set of exams to check ability of nurses to work in different work situations.


Licensing exams - HAAD (Abu Dhabi)


HAAD mean Health Authority of Abu Dhabi. This institution is responsible for regulating the practice of nursing in Emirate of Abu Dhabi. This examination is conducted to ensure that nurses are secure to practice within the guidelines framed by HAAD policy and regulation. This licensing exams will determine the nurses to suit to practice as Registered Nurse (RN) and Practical Nurse (PN).


Various private institution offers training to clear HAAD exams to work in Emirate of Abu Dhabi. Choosing right institution to clear this exam is the primary challenge for nurses because only few dedicated institutions are ready to help and achieve this major challenge.


Requirement and considerations for Nurses Licensure:


1. Nurses should be graduate from National and/ or International recognized Nursing College/University.

2. Applicants must hold a valid License/Registration to practice in their home country and/or country of last employment.

3. Assistant Nurses and Assistant Midwives cannot work independently and shall work under a registered nurse and midwife.

4. All nurses must hold a minimum of current Basic Life Support (BLS) Certification or others according to scope of nurses.


Qualifications Requirement for Registered Nurse for Nursing Licensure in Abu Dhabi:


1. Candidate should have Bachelor Degree in Nursing.

2. For Canada and USA citizens, they should have minimum of two years of course duration and completion of national exam: NCLEX-RN for USA and Licensing Exam for Canada Applicant.

3. Diploma in Nursing and Midwifery of minimum of 3 and half years course duration.

4. Diploma in Nursing of minimum three years course duration.


Experience Requirement for Registered Nurse for Nursing Licensure in Abu Dhabi:


1. Minimum two years clinical experience post qualification.


Qualifications Requirement for Assistant Nurse:


1. Diploma in nursing with less than 3 years course duration.

2. Assistant Nurse Program with minimum of 18 months course duration.

3. Diploma in Nursing and Midwifery of 18 months to three years course duration.


Experience Requirement for Assistant Nurse:

 1. Minimum one year Clinical Experience post qualification

Qualifications Requirement for Specialty Nurse:

1. Qualification as Registered Nurse and post graduate certificate in one of the nursing specialties with minimum one year full time course duration.

Qualifications Requirement for Nurse Practitioner:

1. Full fill requirements of Registered Nurse and completion of a Clinical Master/Doctoral Degree in Nursing in

1. Pharmacology for prescribing drugs as nurse practitioner

2. Differential diagnosis, ordering and interpretation of diagnostic tests.(Radiological and Pathological test)

3. Advanced Health Assessment.


Experience Requirement for Nurse Practitioner:

1. Two years experience post qualification as a Nurse Practitioner.






For Nursing and Midwifery, Registered Nurse, Assistant Nurse, School Nurse and Nurse Practitioner need to take Computer Based Testing (CBT). CBT include multiple choice questions.


Computer- based testing (CBT)

100-120 MCQs: 2 Hours
150 MCQs: 3 hours

Result will be declared as “Pass” or “Fail” in the test. Candidates. The candidates are allowed to take 3 attempts to pass the assessment in HAAD. After third attempt, test taker is not allowed to apply for a lower or equivalent title.


FAQs about Examination




All foreign nurses need to pass in Prometric Examination to be allowed to work as Registered Nurse in Saudi Arabia. The test will be conducted for 2 hours to complete 70 questions of multiple choice format. The test will be conducted as Computer-Based Test and the results will be declared immediately after the test. They given percentage to pass in several specialty, for nurse technicians, the passing score is 45%, for nurse specialists, it is 50%.


The questions format for nursing tech consists of Nursing Fundamentals (28%), Medical (23%), Surgical (20%), Pediatric (16%) and Community (13%). For Nurse Specialist, test will be conducted on assessment (10%), Nursing Problem (6%), Planning (20%), Implementation (50%) and Evaluation (14%).

To book a Prometric Exam, candidates need to visit the website and choose either Nurse Technicians or Nursing Specialists.



For foreign nurses, they need to seek registration and licensure given Supreme Council of Health to practice nursing in Qatar. The SCH has partnered with Prometric MENA to provide computer based medical licensing examination to assess the competency for nurses to work in the State of Qatar.


For more Details about Registration and Licensure in Supreme Council of Health Qatar, visit the URL

For Registration and Licensure process visit the URL -

The candidates need to specific test conducted by Prometric Examination. The test will be conducted for Registered General Nurse and Registered Midwife.


For Registered General Nurse, the format of examination consists of 100 MCQs and time duration will 2 hours and 30 minutes. The cut score to pass is 50% for Registered General Nurse.


For Registered Midwife, the format of examination consists of 100 MCQs and time duration will be 2 hours and 30 minutes. The cut score to pass is 50% for Registered Midwife.


About Eligibility and Information about Supreme Council of Health Qatar Testing, visit the URL -




Like Abu Dhabi, the Dubai Health Authority conducts licensing exams to qualify for nurses to work in Emirate of Dubai. Dubai Health Authority are concern about to improve the health care services and the Safety of population with high quality care.


DHA is computer based test. For nursing professionals, the test will be included different subjects such as Fundamentals of Nursing, Medical and Surgical, OBG, Oncology and Pharmacology.


DHA- Prometric Examination


DHA-Prometric Examination is conducted for different specialty such as Assistant Nurse, Registered Nurse and Registered Midwife. The test will be multiple Choice questions and test duration will be 2 hours. There will be 70 multiple choice questions and need to choose best answer to each question. Candidates need to obtain 60% score to clear the DHA-Prometric Exam, nearly 42 questions should be correct.




CRNE test format will be multiple choice questions, it comprise 200 multiple choice questions. The examination results will be reported as “Pass” or “Fail”. The questions will be both independent and case-based questions. Case-based questions will be based on health-case scenario. The test determine the competencies of nurses in four broad categories such as Professional Practice, Nurse-Client Partnership, Health and Wellness, and Changes in Health.




The NCLEX test is conducted to test the knowledge, skills and competencies required for the safe and effective practice of nursing at entry level. NCLEX is a computer based test. Questions are multiple choice type, answer will be marked as either right or wrong. There will be 75 to 265 items will listed as questions, out of this, 15 are pretest items that are not scored. The time duration is about 6 hours.


The NCLEX-PN examination contain 85 to 205 items. From these items, 25 are pre-test items that are scored. The test duration is about 5 hours. 

Nursing Licensing exams for abroad opportunities for International nurses.