Author : Arun Kumar rajamani

nurses challenges and problems in hospital

Problems and Challenges Faced by Nurses in Hospital. A Detailed Report 

Questioning nurses for Every Problem in Hospital

Nurses are questioned for every problem but the real problem may be from other sides or department. For example, if blood and X-ray report are getting late, they blame only staff nurses but this delay because of other reasons or another department.

Disrespect for nurses

There will be disrespect for workers in any kind of work place. In hospitals, the story of disrespect is same. Most staff nurses are treated badly with abusive language in few work places and senior nurses treating the new recruit nurse is very bad. Most often, the senior nurses will show their domination to their juniors and some time, they never help them to learn the procedure and techniques.

Low Salary

Nurses are working around 6 to 8 hours but their salary is very low when compared to other countries like US, UK, Canada and Australia. First few years of life as staff nurse are very difficult to survive because what they earned is very less than what they spend for their personal expenses. Only few selected hospitals mainly super specialty, there is an increment process for every 6 months but other hospital, there is no proper increment for nurses. This conditions should be changed and we need to make overall structural changes so that every nurses in any hospital can get regular increment in regular basis. There should be fixed salary for nurses, irrespective of cities or towns. In India, there is difference in salary package, for example, North India; salary package is good when compare to South India, this trend should be changed. As the result, most nurses planned to change the home and move distant away from their families.  If you work in other sector, within 5 years, you can able to settle and take care of your families but for nurses; it takes nearly 10 to 15 years of time to settle and have decent life style.

Food and Accommodation

Mostly, nurse’s salary is very low; in addition to that, nurses need to take care of their living expenses and food. There is no way for savings for future, their salaries may helpful to survive and no way for personal development. Most hospitals, they provide low standard living rooms and need to stay five to six people in single room as daily laborers. These conditions should be changed; they need to have proper facilities for their food and accommodation.  

Look for Abroad opportunity

Most nurses are come from poor background; they studied nursing in education loan from banks. To clear the bank loan, they take 5 to 7 years of time. To pay educational loan and have decent living, most nurses wish to move abroad for good prospects, they need to arrange money for visa, traveling expenses etc. The government should take necessary steps to change the salary structure for nurses, so that conditions of nurses will be improved.

Disrespect from society

Even after this struggle, the society never recognizes the nurses, they consider as second class citizens in this country. Nurses can live without money but they can’t live with disrespect. Government need to create awareness among public about nursing jobs and their sacrifice to make better society without illness.

Respect the nurses and make a change in nurse’s life style.


Nurses are the jewels of health care sector, without them, hospitals difficult to breathe and survive. Mostly, we address the condition of the healthcare but never realize the problems faced by nurses. Nurses are struggling hard to keep up expectation but still they don’t have recognition both from hospitals and society.  There are numerous problems faced 

by nurses in hospitals such as staff shortage which lead to more work pressure for staff nurse. Nurses are working day and night but their salary package is very poor compared to western countries.

Shortage of Staff Nurse

Staff nurse are very low in number in most hospital, even in multispecialty hospitals, the numbers of staff nurse is very poor. Most staff nurse are carry out work of two to three people, thus lead to stress and difficult to survive and focus on their personal activities. If this trend is continues, the condition of staff nurse will be very worst and lead to mental stress. For example, when doctor used to come for rounds between 10 to 11 A.M every day, nurses need to report to doctors about condition of the patients. If two or more doctors are joined for rounds at the same time, then staff nurse will be difficult to address the conditions of the patient to doctors.

Working Hours

Most hospitals don’t follow regular working hours for nurses as the result they need to spend little more time for hand over task to nurses, article check list etc. If this is happening regularly, then their working hours may increase to 6 to 8 hours a day. There should strict protocol about the nursing duties and responsibilities, otherwise nurses need to suffer regularly.

Assigning Duties

Every hospital has random way of assigning duties to nurses. If nurses are interested to work on ICU but they are denied to work, instead they are allowed to work in different departments. Every nurse has dream of working in particular department but this is denied as the results they start to work as machine by sacrificing passion for the particular department.  Fresher need to learn the work of every department, but six or one year later, they need to assign job duties according to their interest in the department. If they work in selective department which they like to work, then there will be more job satisfaction.