Problems in Nursing education, India

No Proper Clinical Skills,Teaching and Training.

If you don’t have proper clinical skills and training then you won’t be successful nurse. Most students are poor in nursing procedure or totally absent. Most colleges don’t allow students for clinical training, even if they allow the number of days get reduced. In few colleges, there is no clinical posting for 4th year students this is alarming situation because without clinical experience how they going to survive as nurses.

Other Problems

1. Poor physical infrastructure
2. Poor educational infrastructure and resources for clinical skills teaching
3. Lack of promotion and opportunities for teaching faculty
4. Curriculum  is very poor when compare to international standard
5. Only didactic teaching
6. Students don’t have proper accommodation
7. Lack of clinical experience
8. Poor physical infrastructure

Solutions for problems in Nursing Education and Services

There should be improvement in nursing education and services and image of the nursing profession should be highlighted in good way. We need to have separate University for nursing profession, so that nurse’s problems will be noticed.

. Improve nursing education and services
2. Nursing university
3. Monitor the quality of nursing institution
4. Nursing students should be allowed to research in medical projects
5. Nursing faculties are allowed to practice nursing
6. Link between nursing department and digital media


   Nursing students should be allowed to take part in medical research projects and nursing department should have link with digital media so that nurses can access and know new developments in nursing field. Lastly, Nursing faculties are allowed to practice nursing in hospital.


 Let Unite and Save the divine profession "nursing"


Article : Problems of Nursing Education and Services in India. A detailed report. 

Nursing education and problems, India

Author : Arun Kumar Rajamani

Indian nurses are top ranked and most wanted nurses around the world for their work dedication and good healthcare. Few decades back, we have good system to promote nursing education and most people eager to pursue career in nursing. Now this trend is started to decline, for example, 10 years back most nurses come from South India but situation is totally changed. Today, number of nurse’s requirement is high for healthcare sector but students enroll for nursing program is very less.  

Where this Problem started?

There are several problems in nursing education and services that lead downfall in nursing profession.  We don’t have proper educational monitoring and governance at state level. For instance, there should be regulatory body to look after nursing education and services. We need to have report about nursing education and services for every year so that we can able to find the problems occur in this healthcare sector.

​​Teaching Staff Shortages

Few years back, most colleges are filled with experienced nursing faculty but recently fresh graduates are allowed to fill positions in colleges as lecturer. Nursing students should be trained by experienced teaching staff otherwise students never exposed to clinical skills and experience. Main reason for shortages of teaching staff is salary; staff receives least amount of salary around Rs. 15,000 for freshers with master degree in nursing and experience get Rs. 20,000. As teaching staff salary is very least when compare to staff nurse in hospital, so most nurses prefer to go hospital. If this condition continues, within few years, most colleges need to shut down. University and Nursing Council should look into this matter and should do something to this problem.