What is nursing?

Nursing is the profession or practice of providing care for the sick and infirm. The person  who do nursing profession called nurse or nurses but there are different positions are held by nurses in hospital such as staff nurses, ward sister, department supervisor, deputy nursing superintendant, nursing superintendant, director of nursing, community health nurses, industrial nurses and military health nurses.

Did you know the highest administrative position in India?

 Nursing Advisor to the government of India. He/she is responsible for updating and giving advice regarding improvement and problems about nurses to Prime Minister of India. 

Scope of Nursing?

In India, the scope of nursing is good in public and private sector hospital and healthcare. For example, in public sector, currently 140,000 staff nurses are required. When you compare to high income nations, our nurses-population ratio is low. For instance, nurses-population ratio for high income nations is 1:150 to 1:200 but in India – 1:2500.

Nurses – Doctors ratio is also very poor in India, we have 0.5 nurses per doctor but in United States and United Kingdom, 3 or 5 nurses per doctor. This numbers will give complete story and requirement of nurses in India.

Nursing Studies?

There are different courses available for nursing students to pursue career in nursing. General Nursing and Midwifery, Bachelor of Nursing, Post certificate Bachelor of Nursing, Master of Nursing are the different courses are available for nursing students.

About Public and Private Sector Work?

In public sector hospitals, mostly GNM are recruited. Bachelor of Nursing students are wish to do clinical work in private hospitals for limited period of time to gain experience and practice in nursing, so that they can good chance to move to abroad for better future.  Post certificate B.Sc., and M.Sc., nursing graduates enter into academic positions in public and private sector as tutor, lecturer, and assistant professor, reader in nursing and professor in nursing.

To nursing students about scope of nursing in India.

After nursing studies, everyone will be assigned as role of staff nurses for few years and later climb up good positions in nursing profession.

Staff Nurses – Staff nurses are the engine for the hospital because they provide direct care to one patient or group of patient.

Ward Sister or Nursing Supervisor – They are nursing superintendent for the nursing care management of a ward or unit.

Department Supervisor/Assistant Nursing Superintendent – These nurses rank higher to ward sister or nursing supervisor.  Department Supervisor will report to nursing superintendent and deputy nursing superintendent for the nursing care and management of more than one ward. For example, they govern surgical department or outpatient department.

Deputy Nursing Superintendent – They need to report to nursing superintendent and help in nursing administration of the hospital.

Nursing Superintendent – They need to report to medical superintendent for safe and good management of hospital nursing services.

Director of Nursing – They need to report for both nursing service and nursing education within a teaching hospital.

Community Health Nurse (CHN) – These nurses will look after reproductive child health program.

Nursing Education Positions – In education or academic sector, various positions are available such as clinical instructor, tutor, senior tutor, lecturer, associate professor, and reader in nursing and finally professor in nursing. To hold high position in educational sector, nurses need Post graduation and PhD in nursing.

 Industrial Nurses – These nurses will provide first aid and care during illness, health education to industrial workers. They teach about industrial hazards and prevention of accidents in work place in industry.

Military Nursing Services – It’s an government services and integrated in Indian army. Nurses who join military services will be assigned as commissioned officers. After few years of service in military, they can reach highest position such as Lieutenant to Major General in army.

State Level positions - Nurses can work as Deputy Director of Nursing at state level health directorate and look after problems in administrative levels.

Finally, Nursing Advisor – the highest rank in India for Nurses. They perform major work as advisor to government of India to solve various issues such as education, employment, salary benefits and recommendation to improve nursing profession.

Be Proud to be Nurses, serve the humanity.


Author  : Arun Kumar Rajamani

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Scope and careers in nursing for nurses - A detailed report.